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What is a Smart City

As our country steadily moves towards urbanization with more and more people shifting to cities from rural regions, it is time for our cities to become smarter. When dealing with large-scale urbanization, there is a need to find new ways to increase efficiency and reduce expenses, while improving the quality of life. In today’s day and age, the urban performance of a city depends not only on hard infrastructure, but also on the quality of social infrastructure.

The Vienna University of Technology defines a Smart City as one which is well-performing in economy, people, governance, mobility, environment and living and is built on the smart combination and activities of independent and aware citizens.

Urbanization is an integral and inevitable part of our future and is the key driver of India’s economic growth. It is extremely important that we do it right to protect and sustain our future. The need to build ‘Greenfield Smart Cities’ is to bring about positive socio-economic outcomes, and the need to ‘Retrofit our Existing Cities’ is to boost economic growth and the well-being of our citizens.

Every city has its unique socio-economic advantages & urban challenges – Hence each one requires individual and unique Smart intervention.

Making Bangalore the ‘Innovation Capital of the World’ vs. making Varanasi the ‘Vatican of Hindus’. Both cities require Smart interventions, but need different approaches, knowledge and expertise.

The Need for Center for Smart Cities

The vision of a Smart City is defined uniquely by stakeholders based on their understanding and domain of expertise.Considerable knowledge, resource and best practices exist both in the private sector and governments/municipal bodies. However, putting it together in a collaborative framework with a usable form and format is a challenge.

Center for Smart Cities will address these challenges by creating a unique ‘Center of Excellence’. Positioned as a‘Think & Do’ platform, it will aim at collaborating and sharing knowledge among various stakeholders. Center for Smart Cities is designed to be a knowledge bank and a repository of best practices for the socio-economic outcome driven by Smart Urban Planning & City Management.