C-Smart | Mr. Ashwin Mahesh
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Mr. Ashwin Mahesh

Ashwin Mahesh is a technologist and public policy researcher who studies the way cities are growing in India, and the implications for managing them. He studied to be an astronomer and an Antarctic climate scientist, and was a researcher at NASA’s Goddard Earth Science and Technology Centre, but since returning to Bangalore in 2005, he has focused on urban development problems.

Dr Mahesh co-founded and leads the social technology lab, Mapunity, which works to apply technology to tackle developmental challenges. In 2006, Mapunity built the first Transport Information System for a major city in India (www.btis.in) and has since developed platforms for urban management, heritage and history, environment, and safety. Mapunity’s technagara platform is a light-weight, nimble system for smart management of cities, which now hosts urban information systems for many cities in India. Dr Mahesh is also the editor of India Together, the national public affairs and development magazine, which he co-founded in 1998.

Dr Mahesh is an Ashoka Fellow for social entrepreneurship, and advises many government departments on a range of urban development issues. He has been a faculty and researcher with the Centre for Public Policy at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and is now a member of the Executive Council at the Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning at the Indian Institute of Science. He is also an Adjuct Faculty member at the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore.