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Mr. Suhas Nerurkar

Professional Life (1986-2012)

Professionally, Suhas has vast multi-industry experience in leadership and entrepreneurship. A Computer Scientist graduated from IIT Kanpur, he has been an IT industry leader for two decades and worked in the US, France and India and worked in leadership roles in establishing the outsourcing model. He was also the lead technologist in setting up the first ATM setups in India in early 1990s. In 2003 – he was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and went on to become a successful entrepreneur in the recruitment business for 6 years – a business he exited after a successful sale to a large multi-billion dollar US staffing firm. He, subsequently entered the green initiatives industry and led the setting up of over 45 MW (amounting to 15% of India’s total in 2012) of Solar Power Plants in Rajasthan and Gujarat before deciding to exit the world of business and corporates and dedicate himself to nation building.
Community and social interests

At heart – he has remained a technology enthusiast and is today a keen social media enthusiast. He sees social media as a means to promote freedom of information – given the highly compromised state of affairs of the national media houses.
Also a green enthusiast, he actively led the local community associations for over a decade and manages most of the community communications. He has been a community activist on several issues, including lake restoration.
He is a patron for Greenpeace and is currently working on enabling committed and capable leaders to become our representatives through Nav Bharat.
Political Actions
The Nav Bharat journey for Suhas began in July 2012 and he became the founding trustee of the Nav Bharat trust in August 2012. The trust was setup for political purposes – with a view to promote good candidates and support new and good parties. He has been involved in most aspects of Nav Bharat since then – including the online and social media initiatives and the primary concept approach notes for Nav Bharat.
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