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Ms. Valsa Williams

Valsa Williams is the Country Manager – Government Affairs and Public Policy for Intel.

She has been in the Information Technology industry for over 32 years dealing with Government and Projects at Federal and State levels.

She joined the industry when Indian companies and Government were just starting to automate, so has been a strong player in change management. She

has participated in large government projects in India, as a member of steering committees and pilots driving automation and adoption. Valsa is a technology evangelist and in 2012, she led Intel’s Digital Literacy Campaign in India which is now adopted by the Ministry as the National Digital Literacy Mission. This mission ensures that citizens benefit from the digitization efforts of the Government and the potential of the internet.

Valsa is on several forums that promote ICT adoption and standards, within Government and various Trade Associations. She has an impressive track record which has resulted in a large network of contacts in the Government and Academia in India.

Prior to Intel, Valsa was the country representative for Santa Cruz Operations.

She started her career as a software developer and was the Systems Head for Punj- Lloyd, an engineering company in India.